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 What you see above is the Twyckwick Diner and this also serves as the town meeting place. If you join the Twyckwick Community you will also be able to attend town meetings and you will get to vote on issues affecting the Community. You'll get to meet some of the residents and some of us will have either permanent or semi-permanent places on the island too.

The TWYCKWICK® Community

We've made a start, folks.


31st OCTOBER 2017

We welcome your input.

Mountain Mist Productions is working with the residents of Claver's Landing to bring you this wonderful old-fashioned community where we celebrate the past, learn and enjoy as we take back a little of that which we have lost in this modern world.

You will be able to wander around the island, meet some of the residents and hang out in your favourite places in town like Woody's Place, Esmai's Teahouse, The Coffee Shop, the Diner, Chocolate Shop, Matt's Place, The Trading Post, The Christmas Shop, Hannah's Place, Twyckwick Dolls, The Claver's Landing Heritage Gatherings, The Post Office, The Claver's Landing Chronicle, The Twyckwick Picture Show, The Bandstand, The Radio Station, The Little Red Schoolhouse, Warble Rock, Twyckwick Twinkles, Twyckwick Bookstore, Inspiration Grove, the actual Twyckwick House and lots more - entertainment, learn about the past, books, music, movies, stories, Poetry, Art, games, courses to do, fun things to discuss and do, projects, get answers to just about anything...


  This is just the beginning!

It is all about vintage and retro and learning some of the skills from the past. It's about preserving culture and heritage and passing on great values and attitudes to the next generation. It is about learning how to cope in tough times and about how to survive when things get rough. It is about being the best you can. It is about sharing and caring and it is about being honest and sincere. It is about being less shallow and self-centered and about learning what true value means.

There is still a lot of work to do to open up some more buildings, but both the residents and the Members of Mountain Mist Productions are working together to create something special. We'll have online courses, DIY advice, special readings, music, videos, movies, and so many interesting places to explore. You'll meet some of the most fascinating people when you meet the island's residents and they in turn will welcome you whole-heartedly. There is a little ways to go yet but we are getting there!

Remember all those wonderful Websites from the old days? Before it was all buy, buy, buy and no, I couldn't be bothered with you type of thing? Remember when the Internet was a fun place to be?

And no, we are not social media and your privacy is fully guaranteed - Twyckwick is about more than that... come along and see what we mean. It's old-fashioned and totally cool!


We want to return to a time when people had principles, respect and when they weren't afraid to acknowledge the difference between right and wrong. You may not like us but instead of making a big song and dance about anything all you need to do is move on. And that's how it used to be - those of us who were brought up with "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all" were still able to have our opinions. We just didn't feel the need to share them with the entire universe - and that is how we learned that the opinions of others were equally as important as our own. And that is how we learned that "class" meant more than where you stood in society or how much money you had. Get the picture?

Twyckwick will not be for everybody and it will not suit everybody; so let's be upfront about that from the beginning. We are very happy to help the folk out on Claver's Landing but we are adamant that they must retain their values and lifestyle.

After all, Twyickwick is intended to in some measure take a little back of what we are losing on a daily basis. Therefore we will have strict rules about behaviour and no, not everyone will be welcome; and if you play up this is what will happen to you:

Kicked out

 Just like the old days, remember - our Site, our rules... and if you are not going to be nice you don't belong here. Not everyone needs to snoop and pry into the private business of the residents and we are going to guard them against all things untoward.

This is a special place and we look forward to your company. The Internet is a wonderful thing and it truly has opened up the world, especially as far as learning goes, but we would like to see a better Internet. If you are sick of the Internet as it is at the moment - opportunistic, disrespectful and basically low-life, join us and see what you think about our special Twyckwick philosophy.


And what about outside of the Internet? One look at the daily mainstream media and most people cringe or feel angry because we are being subjected to things that decent folk shouldn't even have to think about. There is so much anger and aggression around that our society can barely function anymore.

We want to show people that there is an alternative; and we are going to draw on the past to do it. Take a step back in time and see the difference. We also may only get one shot at preserving a way of life which, to some, is not even a distant memory. This is really, really scary stuff but we thought it important enough to at least try.


We're not going to preach or judge.

We just want to show how things can be different.

And for the opportunity to do just that we must thank the residents of Claver's Landing. There is a little bit of History there and we are looking forward to sharing that.

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