Thank you for paying us a visit.

Our aim is to make your experience as comfortable as possible.


Please be aware you may encounter the odd "natural" challenge:

redback spider

You may need to evacuate if required:



These Rules have been prepared to make things easier for you.

Feel free to copy and frame the Rules Document -

it may be useful in your own dunny.


Excerpts from the records of the Night Cart Workers.

Paying a Penny to the Night Cart Workers of Yesteryear.

A Princess and a Wee Piglet

Read the Stories...

Scatological Humour

Warning: If, during your visit, you become "excrementally-

challenged", you may be a victim of Scatology. This dreaded

science of obsession with excrement, putresence and bodily

functions of a visceral nature is totally invasive.

A strong dose of humour is the only known antidote.

If symptoms persist in humans (as in a good case of the scours),

we recommend... an 8-oz glass of water, 2 teaspoons of apple cider

vinegar and sip it slowly. Never, ever take apple cider vinegar

straight and seek advice before taking if unsure. If you're still crook

after a while go find a doc to help you. Further warning: It has been

reported that a lot of the old country docs used to be too drunk to

help anybody, so choose your practitioner wisely and hope that by

now they have woken up to the dangers of the demon drink. If really

serious, try and find an ER or at least some old village hag who can

advise you. And on that note...

A Message from the Twyckwick Village Hag

A glass of water and 1/2 an inch of original Pub raspberry cordial

cures the scours in both animals and humans.

Surely you remember that one, don't you?

If not, try and find a Pub that still sells the stuff.

And no... you can't get it in the supermarket - it won't work!

We'll publish other findings as they become available.




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