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Walk just past the Bandstand in the town of Twyckwick

and you will stumble upon Beau Carricks' place,

Coffee on Claver's.

Beau is a long-term resident of Twyckwick and his family

were amongst the first settlers on the island.

A self-proclaimed Poetry buff, it seemed only natural that

Beau would want to include Poetry in his Coffee House.

So, when you visit you just might find a little poetic gift on

your table to share with all of your friends.

Occasionally there will be some live Poetry Readings as well.

Poets drop by all the time and if you are lucky you might get

to meet and chat with one.

When Beau is not serving coffee and cooking up a sweet-

tooth storm in the kitchen he is happy to just chill out and

enjoy whatever Poetry is currently being featured.

We hope you will enjoy it too!

Offerings will change every now and then, so BOOKMARK   

this page and come back for a cup of coffee and some poetic

inspiration whenever you feel like it.

Everyone is pretty laid back here so do...

Take a break

Guest Poet, Steven Manchester, shares a seasonal offering from his volume,
In Layman Terms.



Autumn in Massachusetts


cornstalks, scarecrows, apples on the ground

colored trees of red and green, crickets quiet down

pumpkins, hayrides, turkeys in the straw

waving flags on porches, welcome signs on doors

school buses, burnt leaves, stacks of new-split wood

strolls on stranded beaches, sweaters donned with hoods

morning frost, cinnamon, the days grow shorter still

squirrels busy gathering, ghosts that haunt the hills

trick-or-treat, harvest moons, eerie whistling winds

bogs of ripe cranberries, lines of old clothespins

rockin’ chairs, chimney smoke, scents of burning cedar

hunting season posted, empty bluejay feeders

chilly nights, steamy breath, giving thanks for all

fishermen and farmers predict the first snowfall

harmonicas, barking dogs, twilights filled with dreams

eyelids growing heavy, life is good it seems

© Steven Manchester


Happy Thanksgiving - here are some Free Greetings.




Beau's fabulously simple Shortbread Recipe also shows

up on the tables at this time of year. Here it is:




1/4 cup castor sugar

˝ pound butter

3/4 pound plain flour

 Melt the butter, add sugar then the flour to make a good dough. Press into a lasagne pan or similar, sprinkle with a little extra sugar. Cook in middle of moderate (180 F) oven 30 - 35 mins. Prick with a fork when removed from oven and cool on a wire rack. Cut into fingers and serve.







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