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To Our Journalist and Media Friends:

Now here's an idea...


Let's celebrate what we all do in the "old-fashioned way".

Let's be proud of who we are and what we do.

Let's respect one another.

Let's acknowledge and encourage each other.

Let's advance reading and communication.

Let's make some sense of this crazy world.

Let's hold our heads high, smile, laugh and LIVE.

Newspaper and coffee

There's just one problem...

We welcome interest in what we do but sadly, there are some nasty rumours going around about where some folk are sourcing material. Without due acknowledgement or consultation. In our industry we have rather a strong word for this sort of thing.

But... let's not go there.

Let's just chill out and celebrate what we each do, in the spirit of what we like to call the greater good, so-to-speak.

Now there's an "old-fashioned" attitude.

We could rant and rave and threaten but... what's the point?

You get paid for what you do. We don't.


The fact is, an awful lot of (someone else's) work has gone into this project. And there is a lot more to come....

We love to help and encourage others but...

The bottom line is we do an awful lot for nothing.

We gave up on the whole money-making thing long ago but...

Well, you get the idea.



We use an Australian company to process our transactions because we wish to support them. Their business, their rules. This means we are not allowed to charge subscriptions, take donations or hold special competitions, giveaways or anything designed to "get people in". And no, we are not going to lower ourselves to do any dodgy crowd-funding schemes and we are not going to lie our heads off about how "entrepreneurial" our fantastic "start-up" is.

Commerce the "old-fashioned" way is fine by us.


Our special Cards in this section are designed to help us. We will continue with this in the New Year.

Special Christmas Note

We thank everybody for your support - we'll have some new cards after Christmas. Yes, it's a bit late to send actual cards but our Free Greetings are here - you're sure to find something suitable. Our Printers will be back January 8th and we'll list some new print cards then.



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