The Twyckwick Diner

 The Diner is still Under Construction


The Town Crier will be located just inside the foyer of the Diner

and will be a Community Message Board for all important


Dancin' in The Diner - we're working on it.

Meantime Dancin' in the Diner is featured in the

new Holiday Ezine - push back the chairs, turn up the volume and

have fun!

Boston Cooler

The original recipe calls for Michigan's premium ginger ale -

learn more about Vernor's.

Here it is:

1 cup icy cold Vernors

2-3 small scoops of well-softened (or soft serve) vanilla ice cream.

Mix together the Vernors with the ice cream.

Mix well by beating rapidly until frothy.


Ah... but our very own Andy Toflan has his own version (he'll still

make you the original version if you want it).

Andy's version is a hit with all of the kids at the Diner.


Thanks, Andy:

1 very tall glass, chilled and with a little ice in the bottom.

Add 1/3 cup vanilla ice-cream , mix a little

and then pour over coke to fill the glass.

Serve with a straw and long spoon.


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