Newspaper Office
The Newspaper Office on Claver's Landing, seen here to the left and in the middle.

    The Newspaper Office on Claver's Landing was the first of the old buildings opened up as part of an initiative of Mountain Mist Productions as part of what has become known as The Twyckwick® Project. At street level it appears less than impressive, but the tiny entrance belies a spacious inside area, complete with old printing presses and a mountain of historical paraphernalia and ephemera. Once a bustling and vital part of the town, the old Chronicle Office gradually faded away over time and upon the death of the last Editor, was closed and all boarded up.

     As with most old towns, the local newspaper was the life-blood of the community for information, important updates, the weather, births, deaths and marriages, social activities and well... gossip. And the "newspaper man" of the day held considerable clout in the community since he was most often the first recipient of information and general opinions and community feelings. He was "in-the-know", in other words. It has been some time since Claver's Landing had such a "newspaper man" but Mountain Mist Productions is pleased to advise that Mr Walter McKeltey has stepped up to oversee the production of the publications which are housed in the old newpaper office.




Walter McKeltey

     Walter (Walt) McKeltey has many years of experience, both in his home country of Australia and overseas as well. Walter began his career as a Teacher and has taught English in high schools and business schools. He has also taught English as a Foreign Language, Remedial English and taught courses for Secretaries and Journalists to bring up their skill levels. He has worked in both the private and public sector as a coach and trainer in various companies and has worked for independent newspapers. He has also edited several newsletters and publications for companies and communities where he has lived. A move  to the United States pushed Walter into the demanding area of communication in the workplace. As with many others though, the rise of the Global Financial Crisis meant an early retirement for Walter and he and his wife, Peg, decided to move back to Australia.

     Walter has embraced his role as the Editor-in-Chief of The Claver's Landing Chronicle and The Warble Rock Ezine and he is now an integral part of Mountain Mist Productions and is fast becoming a favourite with the Members. Walter is fortunate in that he will be able to visit Claver's Landing fairly regularly and for the rest of the time he can operate from his home.

     The Office on Claver's Landing will not be entirely unattended and Walter has appointed an "Office Manager". A young fellow named Bobby Whealan jumped at the opportunity to "hang around" the Chronicle Office and people can drop by and catch up with Bobby if he is there. Failing that, people can send Walt a message through the Mountain Mist Productions Command Centre.

The Claver's Landing Chronicle Office, with Walter McKeltey as Editor-in-Chief, is responsible for the following publications:


The Warble Rock Ezine


     Produced by Mountain Mist Productions, the Ezine takes as its inspiration the famous Warble Rock, which is situated just outside the town of Twyckwick and which is a favourite meeting place for residents and visitors alike. It is aimed at a general audience of all ages. Interesting Websites and Links are included in each edition and are designed to make web surfing easier for Readers, who may indicate their preferences by sending Walt a message through The Command Centre.


The Ezine presents the latest news from Twyckwick and the residents of Claver's Landing. Articles, stories, poetry, reading and audio resources as well as graphics, videos, movies and music are featured. Visitors are encouraged to Bookmark the Site and come back as they please because the aim of Mountain Mist Productions is to provide a nice diversion whereby someone can come and have a browse without the pressure of sign-ups, alerts or aggressive marketing or advertising.

     Sections of the Ezine are designed to entertain as well as inform and may include, movies, music, pets, recipes, chocolate (very important), handy hints, DIY, discussions, interviews, opinions, essays, articles, cartoons, jokes, biographies, craft, hobbies, interesting spotlights on various places and people, art, books, e-books, audio books, greeting cards, Poetry, gardening, patterns,  ideas and whatever else comes up.


Currently Special Editions of the Ezine are produced as Online PDF's and a new Ezine is planned by the end of 2017. It is expected that eventually the Ezine will morph into being a Print Magazine and will be marketed offline. It is also hoped to publish on a more regular basis in the future. Last year's Ezine may still be seen here but it is anticipated that soon this, and other archived material, will be returned to the Chronicle Office. Twyckwick News posts will keep everyone up-to-date with these plans. Keep an eye out for the new Holiday Edition!



     The Claver's Landing Chronicle is the official Newspaper published on the island of Claver's Landing and features news from the town of Twyckwick and its residents as well as snippets from Mountain Mist Productions. It is anticipated that full production of the newspaper will commence in early 2018, and will feature some innovative methods of presentation and marketing. Specifically, this print publication will be fully-re-cyclable, and may also be used as wrapping paper. Hence, the term "old-fashioned". We are stopping short of telling you what folk used to to with their newspapers in the old days, but some of you will no doubt know what we mean!


     This is not an official publication but a Bulletin Board located on Members of Mountain Mist Productions and their Supporters may post any information or comments. It is also a landing point for any urgent updates or news so bookmarking this link is advised. During floods and bushfires, for example, this is how the public are advised of updates and of the status of affected Members of Mountain Mist Productions. Mountain Mist Productions do not operate this facility as a Social Media exercise and it is not a Blog; all rights are reserved, including the right not to publish any posting if it is deemed inappropriate or offensive to a general readership. Bulletin Posts are accepted via The Command Centre. Please put "bulletin" as your subject.

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