Please join

Paddy Mollen and his family

It is a well-known fact that very special music regularly cascades

from the Hollows beneath the township of Twyckwick.

The Hollows pre-date human settlement and now the Mollen

Family proudly pay homage to the musical heritage of their


Generations of Mollens have come together to preserve and

highlight the entertainment legacies of the past.

The lilting laughter you hear as you explore in and around the

Hollows is guaranteed to awaken a deep and heartfelt love of a

variety of musical traditions.

Visit each Hollow in turn and enjoy the magic....

Paddy Mollen is working on a history of the Hollows and the

music which has defined his family and this unique realm. We'll

publish that here as soon as it becomes available so "stay


Paddy Laughter

The joke's on Paddy...

When Paddy Mollen volunteered to do this underground music gig we are sure he had no idea the stir his name would bring to the whole exercise.

You see, Mountain Mist Productions is based in an area surrounded by caves and who knows what is underground. Some of the Members live in the area and after one particularly heavy rainfall it was duly noted that a couple of small "sinkholes" had opened up on one property. Intriguing, but easily fixed with a bob-cat and some extra dirt and fill. Then, Member, Leigh McPherson, herself a former local, remembered about the pademelons.

Everyone immediately thought about the fruit that grows wild in the paddocks and which cattle are known to eat - see here. But how could this contribute to sinkholes?

Turns out the dear little pademelons from around the area are not fruits at all but sweet little marsupials kind of like miniature kangaroos. They are known to dig and excavate intricate underground webs and it was thought that this is what contributed to the holes as Leigh and other locals can remember the whole area being covered with pademelons a little while back.

And then along comes Mr Mollen... Poor thing, he'll be stuck with this forever now. Could be some fun in the future - you just never know.

So... get your best Irish accent in gear and away we go... Paddemelon... Paddy Mollen. It's best if you say it quickly....

Check out the Holiday Ezine for some great music.

Enjoy the Twyckwick Radio Station.

Opening up The Hollows

The Irish Hollow

Each Hollow will feature different music and we will be gradually opening up each section. Please Bookmark us and check back often - it is going to take a while. Meantime, we hope you enjoy the Ezine. More to come....


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